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Fears and how they make themselves at home in our minds

Fear is initially a valuable message : it informs us that there is something wrong, that one may be in danger and needs to tread carefully.

So yes, back thousands of years ago when predators could appear anytime, fear was keeping us alive.

It still keeps us going today, but our world has changed drastically and we haven't learnt to adapt how we respond healthily to what we perceive as threats.

A lot of our fears don't require the space and energy we give them, and when we face them, it isn't in a constructive way : rather than noticing them, analysing them and either acting on them or deciding they don't need an intense emotional response, we "feed" them.

And the more we feed them, the stronger they get, just like those annoying pigeons on tourist sites, they are fed and so well looked after that they don't want to leave any more, and since they're there, people keep on feeding them, and they stay, multiply, become more assertive and more annoyingly mess up the whole place (and our heads!). 🐦 💩 👩🏻🧑🏽‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️👨🏼‍🦳.

The cycle is well established and won't change so easily, have you noticed that some people even make a business out of feeding them ? (but that's for another post💰💰).

Well, fear is like these pests, you can decide to look at them, see them for what they are, decide to take action to restore balance or ignore them because after consideration they are not worthy of your time - and you’ll soon see them leave as they’ve no reason to stay-, or you can over invest in your fears, treat them as real and feed them your stress, make them stronger and ultimately let them shit all over your life, because yes, the stronger they get the more space they take in your head on a daily basis 🤯.

Now granted it is not easy, but nowadays we have great tools to help us through this, EFT is of course one of them, but so is meditation, breath work or exercising. You don't have to do this on your own, you can even get someone to help you learn to clean this mess.

And with this, I'll leave you with "Please, don"t feed the fears", and also please, take care of yourself.


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